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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Announces Theme for 2023 Farm Show


Jeff Fuentes Gleghorn

The 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show will be held from January 7-14, 2023, with the theme “Rooted in Progress.” The theme was chosen to honor Pennsylvania farmer’s “roots and vision for the future,” celebrating progress in agriculture and the “agricultural drive and vision to innovate and inspire.” The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural exposition held under one roof in the United States, and is designed to show off the quality of Pennsylvania agriculture and the nearly half a million people involved in the $185 billion industry.

While the schedule of events is still to be determined, organizers confirmed the Farm Show managed concession stands that will be serving food and drink in the food court. This year will include groups like the Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association, the Pennsylvania Livestock Association, and the State Horticultural Association. All Farm Show managed concession stands will serve food made with locally sourced ingredients, and proceeds from the sales will support nonprofit Pennsylvania Agricultural Commodity Organizations. 

As always, competitive shows will be a part of the event, and individuals or groups hoping to prove their products are blue-ribbon-winning quality can find registration forms on the official PA Farm Show website. There are a wide variety of competitions, from beer and wine to homemade chocolate cake or livestock exhibits, there are plenty of options for competitors. All contests will be shown on the Pennsylvania Cable Network for viewers who cannot make it to the show in person.