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Seven Breweries To Check Out In Pennsylvania


Anzhe Zhang

Pennsylvania produces more craft beers than anywhere else in the country, according to Uncovering PA, a blog dedicated to verifying the most interesting experiences and sites to explore in the commonwealth. 

Yuengling and Sam Adams both produce a significant amount of beer in the state, while those looking for a smaller craft beer experience will find over 300 breweries to choose from. Here are seven noteworthy breweries highlighted by Uncovering PA:

Evil Genius Beer Company in Philadelphia

Who’s it for: IPA fans, city dwellers who like their beers with names like “New Phone Who Dis?”

What type of beer: IPAs, holiday seasonal options, taprooms with beers you can’t get anywhere else

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Black Monk Brewery in Erie

Who’s it for: the homesick Belgian, beer fans who prefer strong flavor profiles, drinkers who’ve had a Belgian beer and thought “like this but a little more of that.”

What type of beer: Belgian, with well over a dozen options to choose from, IPAs

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Winding Path Brewing Co in Dallastown

Who’s it for: visitors who want to see the countryside, hard cider fans, those looking to get married (they have a lovely wedding venue)

What type of beer: hard ciders, beers with fruit flavor profiles

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Strange Roots Experimental Ales in Pittsburgh

Who’s it for: the normal beer drinker who wants to try something totally new, those who prefer their beer to be fermented by yeast extracted from unusual sources, like a centuries-old chest from a monastery

What type of beer: sour, farmhouse ales

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Erie Brewing Company in Erie

Who’s it for: those looking for good tasting beer without gimmicks,

What type of beer: ales with flavor profiles like black cherry cream and citrus honey, IPAs 

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New Trail Brewing Company in Williamsport

Who’s it for: IPA fans, beer fans who like when their IPA is named after hiking trails they’ve climbed in the state

What type of beer: IPAs, pilsners, barrel-aged beers

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Mellow Mink Brewing in Mechanicsburg

Who’s it for: sour beer fans, tired customers at the shopping center where the brewery is located at

What type of beer: sour, fruit, IPAs, stouts

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