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Sixers’ Embiid Having an MVP Season

"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA - April 2, 2012: Wells Fargo Center is part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex and is home to Philadelphia Flyers (National Hockey League), the Philadelphia 76ers (National Basketball Association), the Philadelphia Wings (National Lacrosse League), the Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football League) and the Villanova Wildcats (NCAA). The center also serves as a venue for many other city event."

The NBA season began in October 2021 and is scheduled to end in June 2022. Every year, the top 8 teams from the Western and Eastern conferences compete in the NBA playoffs to secure a spot in the NBA finals. The finals is a best of seven series and the first team to four wins will receive the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy.

The Philadelphia 76ers are having a great season this year, and are highly likely to make the playoffs. They rank 7th out of 30 teams in win percentage, winning 61.7 percent of their games thus far in the season, 20th in points per game, 12th in field goal percentage, 10th in 3 point field goal percentage, and 11th in +/-. Their star player this year, Joel Embiid, is leading the league in scoring, averaging 29.8 points per game.